Official Rules


Hereby follow the official rules for the Vainglory Pro Series (VPS), organized by Ungravity Gaming (UG). These rules set forth the terms, the conditions  and the guidelines, that must be respected to participate in the tournament. The terms of this document might be modified. The organizers have the right to take decisions outside and against the rules, this in order to preserve the fairplay and to ensure the correct progress of the tournament.

The official language of the tournament is English. Therefore, every kind of communication, written or verbal, with teams or players, will be in English. Messages, of any kind, in other languages will be ignored.

The VPS give to everyone the opportunity to earn a spot among the most prestigious European teams. Players compete at the highest level and have the chance to show their might against the strongest teams.

The path, from the Arena to the VPS finals is designed to be as meritocratic as possible, thus it rewards consistent and hardworking teams. This is the concept behind the three stages of the tournament: Arena, Battleground and VPS Finals. The total amount of teams participating to the event is 36.

3.1 Arena

Arena is the first phase. It is structured in 4 groups, each of 8 teams. Every team faces each team of its group twice, once on the A side and the other on the B side. Meaning each team will have in total seven series of two games, for a total of fourteen games. For each game won the team earns 3 points, while if it loses it earns 0 points. The top three teams of each group advance to the second stage. In the eventuality of a tie at the end of the stage, the winner of the series between the two teams will advance. If it is still tied, the team with the best average rank will advance. As last tie breaker the rank of the team will be considered (the one of the team in-game).

3.2 Battleground

This stage is the heart of the tournament. At the end of the Battleground one team will earn a prize for being the best non-invited team and together with the second best, they will advance to the VPS Finals, where the best teams in Europe will fight for the main prize. The teams advancing from the Arena will be organized in a single elimination bracket of BO3 series, where the top team of each group will be advantaged. The second and third placed teams face in the first round, the winner then faces one of the first teams that start the stage directly on the second round. The stage continues as a normal bracket. The finals of the Battleground are a BO5 and the winner will earn the prize, that can be found in the prizes section.

3.3 VPS Finals

The last stage consists in a double elimination bracket, where the teams advancing from the Battleground start already in the loser bracket. Four invited teams, picked among the best European teams, face in the winner bracket, the two losing teams go down to the loser bracket, where they face one of the teams from the previous stage. From there on the stage continues as a normal double elimination bracket. The series are BO3 aside from the finals, which are BO5. The winner will earn the grand prize.

In order to participate to the VPS, teams need to apply by subscribing with the designated form, very carefully compilated, which can be found on the website :

Teams must exist in-game too and each player enrolled in the team must be part of the team in-game. Team must have at least 3 players and max 6 players. The players constituting the line-up must be indicated in the apply, this is necessary for the prize distribution. Teams registering to the tournament will be selected based on their average skill tier, team tier and if necessary the average VPR ( One person can’t use more than one account.

Modifying or adding a player to the roster can be done till the day before the start of the tournament. From 00:01 Am of the day of the first match, rosters are locked. Rosters will be unlocked briefly before the start of the Battleground semi-finals, but only if necessary and under demand. Players leaving or entering the in-game teams can lead to the disqualification of the entire team, as sentenced by the organizers.

Team and/or players with the following kind of names are refused by the tournament organizers: offensive, religious, racist, sexist, vulgar as well as trademark protected names.

The four invited teams, that start the directly the tournament from the third stage, are selected based on their previous results. The organizers reserve the right to pick the teams that have the best impact on the image of the tournament.

The prize is per team and is supposed to be divided among the three members of the line-up, meaning the main jungler, carry and captain i.e. the 300€ prize is to be divided in three 100€ parts. Prizes are deposited exclusively to the line-up players submitted in the apply.

The prize money is sent to the player with three different deposits. This means each player must communicate his bank coordinates to the organizers. If the team decides they want to receive the money with only one deposit, the players must submit the designated form thatsubmit the designeted form that will be provided from the organizers..

The winning players must compile an admissibility declaration, release of Liability and any information necessary to deposit the prize. Registering to the tournament, the winner recognizes that the tournament entities don’t guarantee any kind of insurance about the reward of the prizes. Player are responsible for any kind of tax and/or cost applied on the deposit. If a player doesn’t send the requested information’s/documents 30 days after the end of the tournament, the organizer isn’t compelled to deposit the prize anymore.

Winner team of the Battleground: 90€
Winner VPS Finals: 300€

Prizes are deposited only after the teams has submitted the required documents.

Halcyon Fold 3vs3

The time and the date of the match can’t be modified by the teams without the approval of the organizers. In the eventuality two teams faced outside the established time, the organize have the right to refuse the results and can act consequently as it is most convenient.

Teams must be ready to group 15 minutes before the official time of the series. Matches where the presence of an organized isn’t required, are managed by the team captains. Except tournament organizers, no one can spectate the matches.

If there is a dispute, it must be reported to and it will be analysed by the organizers. Any decision taken by the tournament entities is irrevocable and doesn’t have to respect the rules.

If the presence of an organizer is required to the match, a VPS staff will group the teams and manage the series. The IGN of the VPS staff is communicated to the manager, previous to the start of the match, and each member of the team must add him/her.

The side for the draft is indicated for each team previous the match. In the Arena, the first stage, managers decide themselves who starts first, since only two games are played and for the second one the sides are swap. In the Battleground, the second stage, starts first the teams that qualified better in the previous stage. If there is a tie, the team with the highest average rank starts first. If there still a tie, a coin can be flipped with Sides switch after every match. In the finals, starts first the team on the upper side of the bracket box. In the VPS Finals stage, team can ask to start on the B side, organizer reserve the right to choose whatever is most convenient.

If the draft is interrupted, it must be repeated exactly as it was before being interrupted. If a team changes part of the draft, it might be disqualified from the tournament.

If a team doesn’t ban a hero in the given time, it loses the possibility to ban a hero, even if the ban is restarted or repeated afterwards. Between matches a break of 15 min takes places, team can decide to continue the series without break. If both captains agree, the break can be extended to 30 mins, with exception of a series being monitored by VPS staff. Spam is forbidden whenever a staff is present in the group chat and can be punished with a Ban from the tournament. The VPS staff communicates exclusively with the team managers or captains. Other interactions are ignored and can be taken in consideration to punish the team.

Attention: At the end of every match both teams must screenshot both sides of the final screen, the one with the builds and the one with the earned gold. The results must be forwarded to the designated webpage (click here). Forgetting to take a screenshot and/or to send it, can result in a direct lost or disqualification. Screenshot must be send at maximum 1 hour after the end of the matches.

Both teams must send the screenshots at the end of the series, one with the builds screen and one with the gold.

In general, any kind of program outside the Vainglory application is forbidden, this includes custom-data, streaming, recording and emulating software. Applications or programs for vocal communication are allowed. Applications or programs that give a direct advantage or modify the game are forbidden.

If an update is introduced to the game and the server downtime overlaps with a scheduled match, the organisation reserves the right to change the time and the date of the match, depending on the situation. Matches scheduled the day after the update are disputed as planned.

Every participant must behave correctly and respectfully towards any player and staff of the VPS, before and after the matches. If a player is accused of bad conduct and someone has reported him to the staff, he could get a warning, the third waring becomes automatically a disqualification. Direct punishment might take place if the situation demands it, even if warnings weren’t issued yet to the player or team. Players and/or teams behaving disrespectfully might be banned from future tournaments. Warning are issued verbally and/or written.

In the eventually a team fails to attend, completely or partially, to a scheduled match, in within the tolerance time and a VPS staff isn’t present, then, screenshots must be provided to the organizers as proof. The team manager must screenshot the in-game chat with the opposing manager where the time and the date are displayed. A match can only be started if both teams are complete. If a team fails to attend with three player 15 minutes before the start of the match, the team might lose the game and/or the series on spot.

Tournament entities hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise with regard to the videogame software, equipment, operation of the tournament, or prizing, including, without limitation, all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, noninfringement, and their equivalents, under the laws of any jurisdiction.

Tournament Entities shall not be responsible for any of the following:

  • incorrect or inaccurate information whether caused by users or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in a Tournament or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of a Playerʼs registration or gameplay;
  • any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access which may result in alteration of gameplay or game results;
  • any problems or technical malfunction of any network or lines, servers or providers, equipment, or software, including any injury or damage to Player resulting from participation in a Tournament;
  • injuries or losses to Playerʼs person or property arising or resulting from participation in a Tournament;
  • any acts or omissions by Tournament Entities or their employees, whether negligent or wilful, in the conduct of the Tournament;
  • any equipment or software malfunction; or
  • the inability to complete a Game due to any technical malfunction.
  • a match being cancelled for a code infringement
  • a team being disqualified for a code infringement
  • consequences to the tournament caused by a team leaving the event
  • any cause or consequence from third parties
  • false declarations from teams, players and/or staff members.

Tournament Organizers, at their sole discretion, may require to replay a game, match, or Competition, or declare any of the foregoing null and void by reason of any technical or other system error. If for any reason the Tournament or any portion thereof is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or any other causes beyond the control of Tournament Organizers, which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Tournament or any portion thereof, Tournament Organizers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Tournament or any portion thereof. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event that Tournament Organizers determine, at their sole discretion, that any individual game, match, Competition or Tournament, has been tampered with or that the validity of any game, match, Competition or Tournament has been compromised for any reason, it may eliminate that game, match, Competition or the Tournament, and may conduct the Tournament on the basis of the remaining game, match, Competition and/or Tournament. In the event that any individual is adversely affected in a game, match, Competition or Tournament by any technical or equipment malfunction, Tournament Organizers reserve the right to schedule special game, match, Competition or Tournament among any such competitors so adversely affected. In the event of any cancellation, termination, modification or suspension of the Tournament or any portion thereof, Tournament Organizers will post a notice promptly on the Tournament website.

By entering and participating in a tournament, player agrees to indemnify, defend, release and hold harmless all tournament entities, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims, demands, damages, expenses, costs and liabilities for any injuries, including but not limited to personal injury or death, or loss or damage of any kind, arising from or in connection with the tournament, attendance at any tournament, or any prize. Or any other matter or activity directly or indirectly related to the tournament, including but not limited to libel, slander, disparagement, defamation, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, or infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any third party. This obligation shall continue beyond the term of the tournament.

Only and exclusively VPS staff members can spectate a match. A match will be replayed if any other kind of spectator is present.

Teams and players agree and accept that information about them is registered and archived from the tournaments entities. This includes audio and video recording, streaming and reproduction as well as any kind of montage, manipulation, commercial use or sharing of any material directly or indirectly linked with the player.

Logos and pictures are requested from the teams. These files must be sent in one of the following formats: .png, .jpg (for other formats ask at support). If a team refuses to provide such files, the organizers have the right to provide logos and/or pictures prepared at its own discretion. Use of this material is forbidden from third parties.

Instruction on the material to send:

Team logo: 2000x2000px, 300dpi, .png or .jpg max resolution.

Players pictures: Each player can send up to three pictures in different positions, mandatorily in medium shot, vertical format with height min 2000px, 300dpi, .psd or .jpg max resolution.

Logos and or picture might be manipulated to optimize the compatibility with the web site or the advertisement.

Sponsored teams or team acquisitions during the event are limited but not forbidden. Sponsors considered inappropriate, offensive or that can damage third parties, in image or in any case, might be refused and won’t be shown or mentioned. This includes: tobacco products, gambling services, services connected with porno industries or any other kind of business considered inappropriate from the tournament entities.

Each player is responsible for his own connection and the stability of his equipment. Players must test their equipment before the match in order to be ready in time. In the eventually that a player loses connection during a game, this will continue without pauses. A game can be replayed if both teams wish so. If technical issues, derived from the app itself, occur, the organizer might request to replay the game and/or the series.

Any kind of disputes between players and/or teams, deriving from the gameplay or the behaviour of the participants, or any other kind of problem, must be reported exclusively to These will be analysed by the staff and the decisions taken are beyond dispute and might against the rules in order to preserve the fairplay.

At the end of every match both teams must screenshot both sides of the final screen, the one with build and the one with the earned gold. The results must be forwarded to the designated webpage (click here). Forgetting to take a screenshot and/or to send it, can result in a direct lost or disqualification. Screenshot must be send at maximum 1 hour after the end of the matches.

By participating in the tournament, you, as a Player, Team or Staff fully and unconditionally accepts these Official Rules (including the Tournament Rules, which are the rules of gameplay for the Tournament itself), which are final and binding in all matters related to the Tournament. Each player must show good sportsmanship and a correct behaviour towards any participant and/or staff.

By participating in the tournament, players and staff members give the organization the right to use and manipulate their logos, names, IGNs, personal data and/or pictures with the intent to advertise the tournament on socials as well as other advertisement or communication possibilities.

Any material produced during the tournament is of property of Ungravity gaming, which reserves the right to use it (before, during and after the event) to promote and advertise the tournament, on socials as well as any other kind of communication or marketing possibilities.

Any logo is property of its owner.