G2 Esports


G2 Esports is a World Premier Esports Club representing some of the best competitive players around the globe. It was built with the desire to bring innovation into esports team management and business whilst upholding our core values of professionalism. Our staff consists of multiple nationalities and covers decades of combined experience in the evergrowing esports industry. We create the best atmosphere for our players and enable them to surpass any obstacles and spark outstanding performances whilst participating in the most prominent tournaments and leagues.

Coaching Staff

Team Manager

Timo Tekolf

#PlayerTeamPositionKillsDeathsAssistsGoldKDAAvg. Gold
1gerDarkPotatoG2 EsportsJungler*00000.000.00
2gerHundorG2 EsportsCarry*00000.000.00
3gerKeanuNakoaG2 EsportsCaptain*00000.000.00