Team Queso


Team Queso is the first eSports organisation exclusively dedicated to mobile games. It is born with the conviction that Mobile Gaming is the future of competitive sports in a world everyday more connected, where millions of people have at their disposal de means to access the competitive scene without specific devices or gaming computers. We know that online games connect people from everywhere in the world, but doing it in Mobile allows us to meet each other and play together whenever,wherever.

We are a group of core gamers that believe in what we do and work hard to make Team Queso a well-known team in the starting mobile competitions that are appearing both at national and international level. But above all, we love what we do.

We integrate remarkable players in national scope and we count on our founder, Alvaro845, whose mobile gaming channel with more tan 2.6 million subscribers is the perfect way to make our news to arrive thousands of people. Also, we have many specialists in different áreas to reach excellence with all their contributions.

We start with a game that has been pioneering the competitive scene of mobile gaming, Vainglory, that already has a very implied community with many different competitions and with a prize pool of more tan $600,000 in 2016. Also, we will start with Clash Royale, best game of the year 2016 both in App Store an Google Play Store, and which is starting to be considered an eSport with some great competitions like the King’s Cup in LA where the prize pool reached $100,000.

We are born with few games, those that we know best and that we love, and we are also born at home, the Hispanic Community of Mobile Gaming. But we are also born with the wish of growth, become international, and always with the enthusiasm for discovering new games to enjoy and new people to share them with.

Coaching Staff

Team Manager


#PlayerTeamPositionKillsDeathsAssistsGoldKDAAvg. Gold
1rouAmanojaKuTeam Queso00000.000.00
2espDarkGhost00Team QuesoJungler*00000.000.00
3gbrMrKcoolTeam QuesoCarry*00000.000.00
4espPRZTeam QuesoCaptain*00000.000.00
5espSilver812Team Queso00000.000.00
6espfoskiESTeam Queso00000.000.00